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South Milwaukee Human Concerns Peanut Butter Drive

South Milwaukee Fire Chief Joe Knitter reached out to the community to help collect peanut butter for the Hunger Task Force to distribute to food pantries throughout the county. The Chief’s goal was 1,000 jars. In all, that goal was far exceeded with over 2,300 jars collected!!  Thank you to the South Milwaukee Community, especially Pick n’ Save, WalMart, Littlest Flowers Center for Achievement, and the Zion Lutheran Girl Pioneers for stepping up and putting forth such a great effort!

Hearing this the South Milwaukee Lions Club challenged the Knights of Columbus to collect Peanut Butter for this worthy cause. The loser of this challenge was to make a $100 donation to the South Milwaukee Human Concerns. The South Milwaukee Lions Club donated 302 jars and the Knights of Columbus donated 225 jars. As the Motto of Lions Club “We Serve” they also donated $100, for a total of 527 jars and $200 donation.

Thank you Lions Club and the Knight of Columbus for supporting the Peanut Butter Drive. In addition, a challenge was extended to the elementary schools and the High School / Middle School.  While Blakewood School came out on top of the elementary schools, congratulations are in order and a huge shout is sent out to the students at the South Milwaukee Middle School for prevailing in the friendly peanut butter collection competition between them and the South Milwaukee High School.